Want an endorsement? UPDATED

OK Gang… we’re being flooded with endorsement requests. So in a nutshell, below are the guidelines to becoming a Pro Tone Pedals endorsed artist.

I’m going to share with you what the other guys wont- when a company endorses an artist, it’s a business deal pure and simple. They’re hoping that you can advertise for them, and extend their market penetration for the cost of discounted product. So its important that you meet the requirements, and be fucking cool.

Yeah yeah we all know that’s whats going on, but no one is coming out and being honest about it.

The basic requirements for endorsement deals are that you be either signed to a real label with distribution or be a regional artist playing NO LESS THAN 100 verifiable shows a year.

NEW FOR 2013:

Don’t meet those requirements? Don’t lose hope-  we’re still interested in you!  So long as your active in the social media world that is. If you’re reaching thousands of people with every status update or video post… we’re happy to make something happen.

If you meet these requirements you can Email your digital promo pack to us at ProTonePedals AT Gmail.com. Be sure to include your tour dates for the past year, and your upcoming shows, web links to any reviews of your CD or gigs things like this.

NEW FOR 2013

Provide some details about your web/social media presence. How many Twitter followers, Facebook Fans, YouTube subscribers, Newsletter readers…

Factors to consider before contacting us… or anyone for an endorsement or free/discounted product

  • Why do you want an endorsement from US?
  • What are you bringing to the table? If we give you a deep discount, or free shit,- what are you giving us? Don’t tell us how you’re going to ‘promote the shit out of these’ at your local gigs. No one there cares! You’ll need to bring more than that these days.
  • Whats your social media campaign look like?
  • Are your bands photos and videos professionally shot, or did the drummers girlfriend grab them with her phone? Get your shit together before looking for any companies support.

Some of the things that we’ll ask from you if we do choose to work with you…

  • Logos- we’re going to ask to see our logo on some of your promotional flyers. That’s pretty standard…
  • Photos… Pics of you and your pedal board. We’ll send you some shirts- please wear them and take some photos- if you do a gig wearing a shirt- photos of that will get you FREE gear!
  • Videos… Demo or pedal board walk through videos are awesome- we love them… your fan base loves them. If you shoot a video demo of the pedal you’re using, we’ll probably set you up with some free pedals.
  • Interviews… yeah we’ll probably interview you sooner or later. We’ll include it in a podcast or other promo venture.

Some of the things we’ll provide you…

  • Deep discounts on (sometimes free) pedals
  • Swag that is not available to the general public
  • We’ll list you and your URL in our ARTIST page
  • Random mentions and promo on our social media & newsletter networks

We’ll try to keep this page up to date with thoughts as they come to mind, but for now this is about all I can think of. I’m sure I’ll get a few complaints on this so… flame on.


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