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Merrow Overdrive Pushing a Poweramp A/B – Peavey 6505 vs ISP Stealth

Gord Olson has been using the Keith Merrow Overdrive (out of production, but sounds a lot like the Dead Horse) for some time now… here’s a poweramp comparison video he did a few months ago.

Notes from Gord:

I wanted to hear what kind of a difference there is between the power section of my 6505 (tube) head, and this very cool little ISP Stealth (solid state) amp that I recently picked up. I’m super impressed with the sound of the ISP, and was happy to find that it fit right into the back of my Kemper! I work for a company with a steel fab shop, so I designed a couple of brackets that attach to the Kemper, and keep the ISP secure in the back. Works perfectly!

In both examples, the signal goes through a Pro Tone Keith Merrow OD pedal and into the Kemper. From there it goes to one of the two amps, then into my Marshall 1960A cabinet with V30 speakers, and through a single Shure SM57 microphone.
Two guitar tracks, one on the left, and one on the right.