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A demo of several of our overdrive pedals

This is a quick video showing the sound differences between the Dead Horse Overdrive III, the Bulb Signature Overdrive, The Bulb Attack Overdrive and the Jeff Loomis Limited Overdrive from Pro Tone Pedals. The guitar player is Nao from the Japanese visual rock band Arlequin (アルルカン). The guitar was a Strictly 7 Guitar Solar7 and the amplifier was a Blackstar HT-5. The sound was taken from the build-in mic of the camera (Canon 60D).

Dead Horse MKIII Demo

This was written and shot over a weekend in South Carolina for Pro Tone Pedals by Paul Allender from White Empress and Andy Thomas from Black Crown Initiate .

Play This Riff- Dead Horse Demo

We absolutely love PlayThisRiff.com! Not only do they host amazing stoner, doom, and metal guitar lessons- but Bob is a killer guitarist from the band Fu Manchu

Click http://bit.ly/18jxZeP for more PEDAL DEMOS
DEAD HORSE OVERDRIVE PlayThisRiff.com demo!

Pro Tone Clean Boost Vs. The Dead Horse Overdrive

Many of you are using the Dead Horse Overdrive as a colored clean boost. But… maybe that coloring isn’t what you need- perhaps you just need a signal boost without the added bite offered by the overdrive.

Here we have a simple demo of the Clean Boost and the Dead Horse side by side- giving you an opportunity to hear how each drives the front end of the amp into distortion.

New Overdrive Videos

Here are a couple of killer new videos from some of our good friends…

1st up is Keith Merrow and Gord Olson getting SUPER fucking metal with the Dead Horse Overdrive and the Misha Mansoor Overdrive panned hard left and right.

Next up is Fluff rocking out with the Misha Mansoor Overdrive as well… just good solid stuff here!


Cool new Dead Horse Overdrive Clips

We’ve got a few new clips of the Dead Horse Overdrive for ya…

First up is an audio clip from Skot Marek via SoundCloud:

Next we have a very nice play through from Axe Of Creation founder Gregory Bolomey

To wrap up this Dead Horse extravaganza, here is our shop superstar, Eddie Lamm, laying down some bass through the DH