OV Overdrive


Looking for vintage Orange OR120 tone without the price tag? The Pro Tone Pedals OV Overdrive might be exactly what you’re looking for!


Pro Tone Pedals OV Overdrive is a FET based emulation of a vintage Orange Graphic MKII. It’s got more gain than the vintage amps we modeled, adding flexibility to the tonal options. This added gain sounds like a natural extension of the classic amps capabilities.

The legendary bottom end Orange Amps are known for is on tap via the BASS control- which is a low frequency boost, not a simple frequency cut.

Crisp high end can be dialed in using the TREBLE control which, like the BASS control, is a frequency boost. Allowing you to sculpt the ultimate classic brit rock tone.

The OV Overdrive is incredibly responsive to picking dynamics, and doesn’t compress your signal allowing it to stack wonderfully with other pedals- try coupling it a fuzz box… its BRILLIANT!

  • Bass, Treble, Drive and Volume controls
  • Operates on 9-18 volt negative tip power supply (NOT INCLUDED)
  • Current draw is 4 mA.
  • True Hardwire Bypass for noise free operation
  • Stomp switch built to withstand years of hard stomping shows
  • Durable aluminum housing
  • Proudly hand wired in the USA

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