Thick walls of ferocious fuzz

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Pro Tone’s GODMACHINE Edition Lord Fuzz is Pro Tone’s take on everyone’s favorite Fuzz-tortion- the Big Muff Pi. Clearly it’s not a straight clone… we’ve thrown in some cool features that make it uber tweakable.

We’ve added a boost pedal circuit to the front end (the I knob) allowing you to drive it THAT much harder.

The tone control (T) is the standard, versatile and responsive BMP tone sculpt we’ve all come to know and love. BUT… We augmented it with a midrange control (M) to prevent you from getting lost in the mix, a common problem with BMP circuits.

Need more control of your low end sub frequencies? The (S) knob has you covered. This is a pretty subtle control, but really helps dial in a cohesive end result.


  •    Fuzz, Tone, Input, Sub, Mid and Volume controls
  •    Operates on a standard 9 volt negative tip BOSS style adapter (not included)
  •    True hardwire bypass
  •    Stomp switch designed to withstand thousands of punishing stomps
  •    Durable aluminum housing
  •    Proudly human crafted in the USA


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