Thick walls of ferocious fuzz

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Pro Tone’s GODMACHINE Edition Fuzz is a thick flexible fuzz with some serious bottom end, and is equally mischievous when played through a guitar or bass.

The tone control is extremely versatile and responsive. In lower settings the GODMACHINE Edition Fuzz cuts the high frequencies and adds lows. Spinning the tone knob into the high positions the lows are cut while boosting the mid’s and high end.

The Fuzz’s wave shape can be radically changed using the Shape knob. Turning the Shape control counter-clockwise produces a smooth thick sound, while turning it clockwise starts thinning the wave shape into a sticky, gated, otherworldly fuzz.



  •    Fuzz, Tone, Shape and Volume controls
  •    Operates on a standard 9 volt negative tip BOSS style adapter (not included)
  •    True hardwire bypass
  •    Stomp switch designed to withstand thousands of punishing stomps
  •    Durable aluminum housing
  •    Proudly human crafted in the USA

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