Maintaining social media momentum during the quiet times

A band recently came to me asking how to continue to engage and grow their fan base while they secluded themselves away to record their second album. Sounds easy right? Just share clips of the new material and the recording process and you’re golden… not so fast says their record label.

The label will only allow them to post limited photos- no audio of the new material- no video that might contain audio of the new material. NOTHING. To me this seems cripplingly shortsighted. In today’s all access, transparent, and reality obsessed world the best way to gain traction before releasing new material is to drip it out… let the fans hear it in controlled limited doses. The free market rewards speed- and today’s young music fan is no exception- I would say that they ARE the rule.

FullSizeRenderThink of this social sharing as test marketing. If you post 15 seconds on Instagram and no one cares- the silence tells you to dump that riff. On the other hand- if it gets great feedback, you’ll know where your audiences listening tastes are today as they might have shifted slightly since your last release.

More than test marketing your new riffs sharing the process with fans and potential fans makes a connection, builds an anticipation that waiting for a finished product simply can’t generate. When people feel like they watched and in a process they are much more willing and excited to support it.

So what do you do if you can’t share anything new? Share the old as if it were new. Get into your fans news streams with continuous (multiple a day) posts from the band- studio photos, old videos, old magazine write ups… remember- not all of your fans have seen it all. Some just found out about you last month and missed EVERYTHING you’ve posted before that.

With all that in mind here is a video going a little more in-depth to the topic.

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