Every tool is a weapon – if you hold it right

Every tool is a weapon – if you hold it right

Thanks to Ani DiFranco for such an inspirational lyric… honestly its been said for centuries- I just happen to like her reduction.
With the weapon analogy in mind- lets take a look at a video clip from our good friend Kelly McDonald. Kelly is a county picker with some tasty chops and soulful riffing. He recently took a few minutes (after the joys of editing, he probably spent hours) to demo the 2 Pro Tone units he currently uses- the Thruster Clean Boost and the Dead Horse Overdrive.

Here are 2 examples of using these pedals as tools rather than weapons.

We have to make that distinction here… the majority of what we build here at Pro Tone are used as military grade weaponry, and these 2 units are no exception. More often than not, these pedals are used to push an amp beyond its ‘recommended’ usage and out of their comfort zones to deliver tones hidden deep within the original design.

What K-Mac (unauthorized use of out-dated colloquialism) is doing here fits in the pocket, and sounds great. Not forced, not overly aggressive- just a solid journeyman’s tone.

Sure- the bulk of our pedals look funny/scary/ridiculous (to many, I’m sure) but at the end of the day… Every tool is a weapon – if you hold it right.

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