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The 1st overdrive developed for progressive metal and djent

Attack Overdrive

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The industry’s FIRST overdrive pedal designed for modern, progressive metal guitarists… and fans of all things djent. More low-end control, a player friendly price and all the crushing tone you’ve come to expect. Making it the best overdrive pedal for djent.



The Attack Overdrive

The Attack Overdrive is industry’s FIRST overdrive pedal designed for modern, progressive metal guitarists… and fans of all things djent. More low-end control, a player friendly price and all the crushing tone you’ve come to expect.

The Attack Frequency switch is the star of the Attack Overdrive. This 6 way switch offer you unprecedented control over the bass frequencies being allowed to pass from the pedal into your amp.  This is a truly unique feature that we’ve not seen on any overdrive pedal available today. The flexibility of the Frequency switch can not be overstated: You can dial in the classic Dead Horse flat response, the traditional mid hump of the TS line, a more bass friendly curve for the 7 & 8 string players, or even an extreme bass cut beyond that found on the Attack Overdrive.

The Attack Overdrive also features:

  • Designed to work seamlessly with tube amps, solid state amps, digital profiler, and all forms of DAW plugins
  • Variable Attack Frequency 6-way switch allowing you to control the bass frequencies cut off point
  • A low Current draw of just 5mA
  • Operates on a standard 9 volt DC (negative tip) BOSS style adapter (sold separately)
  • True Hardwire Bypass with grounded input for noise free operation
  • Designed around the legendary 4558 dual amplifier
  • Proudly hand wired in the U.S.A.

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36 reviews for Attack Overdrive

  1. Chris

    I’ve been playing for over a decade… the Attack overdrive beats all the tube screamers I’ve played in the past- HANDS DOWN. To be honest, I was skeptical at first figuring it was just a toy for the djent kids… but damn I’m glad I followed up and tested it myself

  2. from_ashs_to_axes

    I just recently received my Attack Overdrive a couple of weeks ago, and have been playing with it exclusively. I just recently started playing guitar, and was still trying to find the Progressive Metal/Djent sound I’am looking for. My gear consists of a starter ESP LTD 7-string guitar, in which I replaced the stock pickups with seymour duncan’s Pegasus/Sentient combo humbuckers. I am currently on a budget, so I don’t have the greatest of gear, currently playing through a Line 6 Spider IV combo amp, 30-watt, on the green Metal setting, Eq’ed for mids/highs. Alone the tone sounds okay, but pretty bad for what I was going for, and really flubby. I originally tried to place a noise gate, EQ-pedal, and a TS-9 in front of it, and it started sounding a bit more up my alley, but not quite where I want to be.
    Since I have been eye-balling the Attack Overdrive for quite some time, when I had the money, I went ahead and bought it. Now, when I replace the TS-9 with the Attack Overdrive, magic and madness happens!
    I cannot believe the sheer brutality this overdrive conjures alone in it’s small body, and it’s the difference between night and day! Finally, I have a beastly sounding guitar tone that I love the sound of, and have been able to focus more on playing instead of tone-searching! Now, I believe I have found the tone I was going for within the Attack Overdrive, and this is now going to be my go-to for all of my metal tones. The chugs I’am able to get now are face-smashing. The mid presence is fierce as hell, and the attack is sharper than a razor blade piercing flesh! My overall tone sounds so demonic, and evil now, which is exactly what I was going for! I’am loving this pedal, and will be purchasing more ProTone Pedals in the future, to build upon this sound! This is, so-far, the best overdrive pedal I’ve had the pleasure of owning! The Attack Overdrive just sounds amazing!

    Thanks Dennis!

  3. John

    I’ve had my Attack OD for a couple of weeks now, and I find it to be crucial for really cutting through the rest of my band. I’d imagine my use case isn’t the typical one because I don’t play in a metal band. I play in an alternative rock cover band that has a lot of range in terms of different sounds, from clean to thick and dirty. I even use the OD on my clean channel to really bring a shimmering edge to my sound. Some of the songs we play have to have a really tight, distorted, biting top end sound, almost a jangle, that a Mesa can’t really pull off without some EQ going on. This pedal brings it all together for me. I had no idea just how much of an effect it would have. Now I cannot imagine not having it in my signal path. It’s a great product that is really flexible.

    Thanks for such a great tool!

  4. Christopher

    Great product. I play a Music Man John Petrucci Majesty 7 through an AXE FX II XL. I write progressive rock / alternative / metal and record in Pro Tools.

    This pedal has cleared up my rhythm guitar tones and is making a big impact on my mix. Worth the money.

    Could the AXE FX do the same thing? Probably, but this gets me clearer tones faster – enabling me to focus more on writing and less on my gear.

  5. Martin

    I have just recieved my Attack Overdrive, and i must say i am absolutely amazed what this thing does…I am kemper user and i couldn’t get clarity and attack with any built in booster nor TS9. Then i discovered this bad boy, watched some videos, ordered it, plugged it and suddenly, every single profile sounds how i wanted it to sound. Tone is thick, clear, angry, pedal doesn’t bring up all that “bad” mid range frequencies like TS9 does. Basically if you want to enhance your tone in the best possible way, this overdrive is the way how you can do that.
    Thank you protone pedals for creating this beast.

  6. Aynsley

    Got this months back, figured I’d wait a bit for a review. This is literally the perfect addition to any rig. They’re built like a tank, and the customer service here is top notch. Shout outs to Dennis. The knobs are surprisingly sensitive, but not too “touchy” (they’ll stay in place just fine) thanks to build quality. You don’t have to turn them a lot at all to hear a difference, which in my opinion adds to the efficiency of it. You can use it to get so many different sounds, but obviously it works best when seeking to tighten everything up and getting that extra punch. Also this company is helping save the planet with their no-battery initiative so with that on top of great customer service and having a fantastic, reliable, and usable product, how could you not support them?

  7. Roland

    I love this thing. The Attack OD has such an ease of use, it’s pretty ridiculous. This thing is built like a tank and the LED is blindingly bright. Perfect for road use. Need to curb your low end tones for a rhythmic section of a song? How about that extra boost to get you over the hump on a solo? Or do you need an OD that’s warm enough to drive your clean tone? The Attack OD achieves all of the above with the simple turn of a few knobs. The only warning I’ll put out there is that the bass cut is extreme. Take some time to tweak your settings and you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for with this pedal. Shoutout to Pro Tone Pedals for such an awesome product.

  8. Alexander

    Just had this pedal delivered all the way to Australia and boy was it worth the wait! I run a Peavey 6505 and have been searching for something to give the amps gain that extra push/attack to cut through the mix. Having my Schecter Omen Extreme 7 already fitted out with Misha’s signature Juggernaut pickups i had a very clear idea of what kind of tone ive been looking for as my band are very much in the same genre/style as his band, i.e. low tuned 7 strings with heavy rhythms. This thing is absolutely perfect and i highly recommend it for anyone searching for that idealistic “djent” tone. After trying a ts9 as well, this pedal is in a league of its own. What i also love is you can ever so slightly tweak the tone/gain knobs to get changes to your tone without having to go all out with no head room left. Thankyou Protone for a fantastic pedal and even greater customer service!

  9. Bill Warner

    What an amazing piece of gear! I purchased the Attack Overdrive recently hoping that it would help me achieve a tighter “Djent” tone and – wow! – it works EXACTLY as advertised. In fact, it has immediately become a crucial “always on” part of my signal chain. Honestly, I’d tried to achieve the “drive in front of the pre-amp” tone before with various tube screamer-type devices, to no avail. But the Attack Overdrive instantly gave me that tighter, more focused, “cleaned up” chunky rhythm tone I was hoping for, as well as much more “cut” for soloing and generally punching through the mix with much more clarity. I’m using it with a noise gate in front of an ENGL Powerball II and, wow, have finally achieved the modern metal tone I’d been chasing forever. HIGHLY recommended!!

  10. Steven B

    100% pleased with this pedal! Like many have said, pedal delivers just as advertised. In terms of tightening the sound and giving an aggressive metal tone, this is the real deal. A surprise for me was I also use the pedal with a Nash Tele just as a regular Tube Screamer on my clean channel and it works great there as well. I a/b d the pedal against my favorite Keeley TS808 and I prefer the Pro Tone. I think it really comes down to the sound you want, watch the demo’s they are pretty accurate. I was stoked when I heard the sound improvement – I am using a PRS Archon amp with a bunch of guitars with BKP’s, it just brings everything to 11! I just ordered the Jeff Loomis pedal as a compliment to my 7 string axes. Very happy with Pro Tone – best metal pedal out there IMHO.

  11. Aldo

    This thing does exactly what it’s advertised to be. If you’ve been wanting to tighten up the low end of your tone to get those djenty metalcore riffs then look no further. I was sort of hesitant on buying this thinking the attack might be more subtle than what most people say it is and boy was I mistaken. The change is night and day and now I cant play without this on. This pedal also works great as a regular overdrive to a clean signal for anyone interested in using it for that purpose. All in all, this pedal is everything you would come to expect it to be. It’s also very small so it doesnt take up much room on your pedalboard.

  12. Benoit

    First experience with overdrive pedals…damn. i was not disapointed ! This killer pedal give you an incredible push to your tone and a lot of ”brutality/attack”.

    ”Once you play with an Attack Overdrive Pedal, you never go back to straight amp”
    yeah trust me, its true

    ho and If you want an advice..never crank the sh** of this pedal or else your ears will bleed for eternity.

    Great product ! Worth it.

  13. Nick

    I am absolutely in love with this pedal. The output of this pedal is beyond incredible and i am 100% not over it yet, I’ve had it for about 3-4 months now and constantly use it for live performances, recording and practice.
    Fortunately i own a peavy 6534 and i am completely satisfied with the quality of the just the amp head and the pedal itself. Playing clear, crisp and solid notes on an 8 string guitar has never been so satisfying.
    -For those who play lower gauge string guitars-
    Sub E is DISGUSTING with this pedal m/(>.<)m/

  14. Aaron

    Where do I start with this pedal. This small metal box of deviously devised electronics has changed my tone forever and it’s never looking back again. This pedal brings more grit than a seasoned cop on the beat in LA in the 80s and transforms even the shittiest, flabbiest, chunkiest, ugliest tone from just about any dusty, substandard rig with distortion that sounds like someone stepping on a chickens throat while it croaks. It transforms it into gold. Usable gold raw material that u can turn into whatever the hell you want it to sound like. I’m using this right now to tighten the house distortion on my outdated Crate Blue Voodoo and actually managed to get a decent Djenty tone without it making cringe until I get a 6534 . This pedal is so versatile. It will make your cleans have more bite than a rabid hyena and sharpness than a fresh hypodermic needle. This pedal can be used for crunchy ass SVR esque tone as well as the patented 000-000-00-0-000 Djenty tone it was made for. It’s such a sick pedal it has made my rig unbelievabley better. I implore you to get this pedal even if u don’t like Djenty ass metal. It’s perfect for tightening up any chubby tones and makes your leads like straight glass. I love this pedal and loved reviewing it. I will making a demo soon cuz it’s so good in so many applications. GET IT. DO IT NOW.

  15. bas

    This pedal has become a crucial part of my rig, never dissapoints! I have an average sounding amp but this thing just makes any tone brutal. Thanks Protonepedals!

  16. Jake

    This pedal has improved my tone so much. My 6505 was good but wasn’t really tight and punchy. This pedal solved all of this. This is my favorite pedal ever.

  17. William Kc

    First pedal I’ve bought from pro tone, and I’m in love. Definitely a must buy!!

  18. erik-rikala

    Like a lot of other people, I was looking to get a tight, punchy, modern djent-style tone from my Peavey 6505MH. I can say that this pedal definitely delivers what I was looking for. I am playing with a ESP LTD 7-string with a Nazgul pickup in the bridge position. The amp gets a great growl, but lacks the punchy tone I was looking for. Dennis has definitely created a great pedal – now I get just the tone I was looking for! Thanks!

  19. Cory Richerson

    Current rigs: PRSs with Alpha/Omegas or 59/09s through a Boogie Mk5 25/10w and single cab or an AXE FX 2 XL, misc pedals, and this one.

    This thing is literally one of the most versatile ODs I’ve ever been graced to play with. Not only can you clean up the bottom end on a high gain signal for a nice, sharp metal/”djent” tone, but you also get all of the tonality and ability to go full SRV, depending on what your running this baby with. I bought this mainly for cleaning up my high gain sounds, but I’ve pretty much replaced all of my other more-bluesy drives with this guy.

    Absolutely no buyer’s remorse with the Attack OD, this thing can do more than you think it can, and it does it all very, very well. Full recommendations.

  20. dmgprs785

    So pleased with this pedal ! Keep making killer pedals Protone !!!!

  21. Rob Mako

    Beautifully crafted pedal, wonderful tone. The new power-all pedal supply available here is also excellent. Shipped very fast! Thanks for a great experience!

  22. Antti F

    Great TS-style pedal with a twist. Hard to describe but gives an extra edge compared to other similar overdrives.

  23. George M

    So i have a 6505 mini head and was using a ts9 to boost and add some chug to it but i was finding that the ts9 was color my tone and i wasnt liking it. I watched the videos and i decided to take a chance and buy it. All i can say is it was the best choice i could have made.. i absolutely love this pedal. The chugging/palm muting is so much more powerful and the individual notes just stand out so much more when cording or alternate picking. The clarity it added to the amp was very surprising as well. all and all Awesome product you guys. Anyone who buys this pedal wont be disappointed!

  24. Michael K

    Used with both an Axe FX II and Dual Rectifier

    Turns the Dual Rectifier from flub to a beautifully carved sonic knife

    Blows the overdrives in the Axe FX away

    Get it

  25. CainG

    This pedal has helped me transform my flabby, dare I say flatulent tone, into that of an angry honey badger, focused like a ninja, gnarly like a very gnarly thing.
    I use it with an Ibanez RG8 in front of a Spider III, it really tidies things up nicely.
    Highly recommended!

  26. brandon

    Had it for like 5 days can’t put my guitar down,been wanting this forever,really makes my 8 string ibanez tone stand out,so worth the money,the only thing I’ll say is I wish you guys sold the 9 volt negative with it considering how much of a rare commodity it is,but that’s more on me if anything, it did say sold seperately

  27. Michael

    I’ve spent a good amount of time with this bad boy and I’ve gotta say, hands down my favorite pedal I have. Really transforms my tone in such a good way. I use it in front of the Fractal and the Kemper and it’s absolutely amazing. Love the way it really tightens up the bottom end. The video reviews of this thing just don’t do it justice. You really have to play it to experience all its glory. I was truly blown away when I inserted it into my rig for the first time. My first purchase from Pro Tone and it definitely won’t be my last!

  28. Ben

    Can’t put into words how much this pedal has tightened up the low end of my tone. Not only does it sound great in front of my Peavey, but I’ve also been using before my direct box going into Revalver or Amplitude. The pedal really pushes those VSTs and makes them crank.

  29. Deni

    This pedal makes my tone realy burutal!
    All djentlemen are highly recommended to get this beast.
    But this pedal is a little cheap-looking and weight is too light ( I am worried about durability ) so I expect these problems ( again, sound is realy amazing!! ) will be solved.
    Anyway, ProTone have done great job!

  30. Mason

    The spank is in the bank. This thing over already overdriven amps or a cleans adds the attack you want and need. This pedal is almost always on in front of my AxeFx. Whether you are using purely as an attack pedal or actually utilizing it as an overdrive, you will not be disappointed. The Pro Tone name is synonymous with quality. End of story. Great pedal, great company.

  31. Ronnie Stahl

    I love this little mean box. It fits perfectly for my style of music. It drives my Mesa Dual Rec to perfection. It’s so clear, yet diverse. The many options on this stomp box leave it open to many types of distorted sounds. My 8 string found a new best friend.

  32. Joe Gomez

    Best overdrive I have ever bought it’s a beast! I mainly play a 7 string and it really helps in tightening the low end. But most importantly it just adds a really nice bitting and compressed sound to an already overdriven amp. A must have for playing anything from modern metal, prog metal and any other style of metal. It even works great as a rock or blues drive in front of a clean amp. Again just an overall awesome pedal would definitely recommend it to any seeking for a great sounding overdrive.

  33. James

    Brilliantly brutal- totally brings new life to my Mesa- WAY cheaper than replacing the amp.

  34. Cliff

    This thing is amazing- you are a wizard

  35. gelly4000 (verified owner)

    I recently ordered tha attack overdrive.
    I really love technical progressive metal sound,and i wanted to achieve that,and i found this model,and i realy realy like it.
    I’m currently using a Misha jackson 7 pro series with a practice orange solod state amp,and i swear this thing helped me create the darkest sound i ever imagined.
    And i talk about a tiny 3 watt amp now.
    So of you lookin’ to buy the badest overdrive pedal,then here you found it.

  36. promithia (verified owner)

    Delicious sound!!!

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